Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why I Hate Golfers

So I took this picture a few moments ago, and it's emblematic of why I hate golfers: they're idiots. And don't get me wrong--they're not the lovable, you-messed-up-this-time-but-we'll-give-you-another-chance type of idiot--they're the I'm-going-to-do-what-I-want-when-I-want-and-fuck-anybody-who-gets-in-my-way idiots.

You may notice, if you look carefully at the photo, that there's a substantial amount of snow on the ground. You may also be aware that the typical golf ball is white. The color of snow.

It's just the fact that these rich WASPs play on these well-manicured, sprawling courses, usually tended to by minorities or young, future rich WASPs that gets me. It seems socially unfair that a bunch of old white men will shell out so much money to hit a ball around this idyllic landscape while people are literally starving to death.

Okay, this post got too serious. How bout this: HAHA, LOOK AT THE FUCKERS PLAYING GOLF IN THE SNOW!!! IDIOTS!!!

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Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Isn't that pretty much how it is with all things done by the wealthy? They eat at fancy restaurants that employ poor mexican immigrants. They go to fancy hotels where poor mexican immigrants clean their suites. They hire poor mexican immigrants to clean their own homes. They send their kids to fancy schools where poor mexican imm... oh wait, that's not right; poor white men and women teacher their kids making only slightly more per hour than the poor mexican immigrant that cleaned their house. What was I thinking.

Marie said...

lol maybe you can interpret this photo i took, next to a golf course.

ToryLW said...

That is very stereotypical to just assume that EVERY golfer is like that. I must admit that I am not a golfer myself, but I do find it very degrading to say something as sarcastic as EVERY golfer is that stupid and that you hate them. I have 3 very good friends that I have recently met at college, which we are 9 weeks into, and they are not stupid at all. So please think wisely about saying such things in the future. It wouldn't be right of me to hate you because you said that you hate golfers, so don't do that to other people.

Tom said...

ToryLW, please kindly shut up. Your holier than thou BS is pedantic and annoying. How about this? I hate you for being such a an uppity loud mouth. The OP's post had nothing to do with your friends. The fact that they too play golf is trivial and has no connection whatsoever to her post. For you to take offense is laughable. Please go back into the hole you crawled out from.

Anonymous said...

Golf is the perfect way to spoil a good walk . i hate the cunts too.

Anonymous said...

I hate golfers too. I can spot one a mile away. Always too tan, polo (tucked in of course) and khaki shorts. And every one that I have come across is a self centered jerk that cares only about themself. They lie and they usually use golf as an excuse to get drunk and avoid real responsibility. They schedule their lives around a game instead of spending time with their family at home. There are golf widows and golf orphans. Golfers suck!