Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Landlord Love

Currently crashing at three rockin' sites. Ya'll should visit.

JPEG .at. 11 is a site run by a 20 year old South African named Ibis. She's into photography and has a bunny fetish. Need I say more?

Rhandoko.com/ is a site about various and sundry things. The most recent post includes information regarding a new indoor ski resort in Dubai. Coolio.

Quarter Rest is an awesome blog by Jenn, who's pregnant. If you're looking for clever writing, look no further.


MappyB said...

You're whoring out your blog. Very respectable. :) I might be kind of jealous!

Southie said...

I have no dignity.

ibis said...

Hey, thanks for the mention Southie!
Yep, I love dem bunnies ;)

Useless Man said...

Quarter Rest was a great landlord for us as renters. Thanks for posting their links. Great support of the rent a blog system!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the linkage! Hope you have a good stay. :D

Southie said...

No prob, guys! You've got some great blogs goin'.