Thursday, March 16, 2006

Seinfeld Quotes - Seasons 1-2

So I've recently been practicing what I preach--I've started watching the entire Seinfeld cycle again. And it's SO refreshing. Seinfeld is such a part of my personality that it's like recharging my personality. Even in the early seasons, the shows are hilarious and still quite relevant. Here are some examples of hilarity and interesting facts from the early episodes:

"Trust me, George, no one wants to see you on caffeine."

The name Art Vandelay is first invented by George in the second episode, "The Stakeout."

Kramer's first trademark entrance occurs in episode three, "The Robbery."

"I'm really running out of excuses with this guy. I need some sort of excuse Rolodex."

"I cannot envision any circumstance in which I’ll ever have the opportunity to have sex again. How’s it gonna happen? I just don’t see how it could occur."

"Cartwright! Cartwright!"

"Hi George, I'm Raymond."

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debbiecakes said...

I agree completely. Seinfeld is a part of my everyday life on so many levels. That's why I just about fell off my chair when I got to be the Asian Business Man In Your Dresser.

Now, please make sure you don't let the steam from the hot tub warp the wood causing me to be stuck inside the drawer, which would almost gaurantee that your neighbor, Jerry, would have to set me free using an ax and then bring me to Yankee Stadium where I would be forced to watch the "Happy Fun Hour with Jerry Seinfeld" while having nothing else to eat but the exotic fruit- oranges...or something like that...

Southie said...

And don't forget that the dresser was designed by Carl Farbman.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you got the name for your blog site. Now I get it. Is latex salesman a Seinfeld reference, too?

Bone said...

Haha, The Chinese Restaurant was on here yesterday. I love that part!

Also, after the bribe attempt:
Jerry: "There seems to be a bit of a discrepancy."
Elaine: "So when are we gonna eat?"
Jerry: "Five, ten minutes."

Howard Davis said...

I use the name Cartright at every restaurant I go to. It's my standard fake. I crack up everytime I hear some hostess yelling, "Cartright! Cartright!"

MappyB said...

You make me want to start the cycle again too. I only have Seasons 1-3 though, but still....must watch tonight!

Southie said...

Anonymous: The line "and you want to be my latex salesman" is the last line in the episode entitled "The Boyfriend (1)",which is the 17th episode of the 3rd season.

Bone: "The Chinese Restaurant" is CLASSIC! I love it--it's really ahead of its time in a lot of ways. It was the first episode that took place completely outside of Jerry's apartment, and the network execs were extremely nervous before it was released because it really was about NOTHING--nothing at all happens in the episode; there's no plot at all.

Howard: Great idea! I'll have to use that!

MappyB: Do it! Let me know if you want to borrow the other seasons. =)

debbiecakes said...

I almost added in that last bit, but you know that comment was getting a little long. Scary long.

But don't forget, he HAD to use an ax, because his hand was cramped from signing all those Japanese royalty checks.

Okay, no more comments...

Anonymous said...

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simran said...

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