Saturday, December 31, 2005

The New Year

revocate animos maestumque timorem
mittite forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit

Happy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2005

My Most Ambitious Post Yet...

Southie's Note: In this post, I'm going to try to link everything I say. It's more of a conceptual idea than anything. I'm just going to post as I normally would, and then try to link as much as possible. Look closely--there are some pretty good links in here.

Right now, I'm watching Minnesota vs. Virginia in the Music City Bowl. I've always been a big Big Ten fan, so I suppose I'm for Minnesota. Besides, I've picked them in the Pie Championship Series. For those of you who don't know, the Pie Championship Series is something my step-dad and I came up with to make sports more interesting. My step-dad will be coming up from Ohio on Sunday so that we can watch the Ohio State-Notre Dame game. It's going to be tough--I went to Notre Dame, and he went to Ohio State, and of course I was raised an Ohio State fan. We'll see...

I've been cleaning my apartment for about 36 hours now, and most of it consists of doing laundry (see previous post). There's a lot of crap.

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to the next Fantasy Baseball season? I just miss compulsively checking the stats of my 25 players multiple times a day. What a HOT MESS I am during baseball season. But I do love it...

The last movie I've seen is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and it's fantastic. It's a 1966 Sergio Leone film, the most famous of the "Man with No Name" trilogy, the inception of the Spaghetti Western. I'm really turning into a big Western fan; of course there are obvious similarities between Westerns and the samurai films.

I don't know what I'm going to do once I have to go back to school; I won't have nearly enough time to check and update my blog 12 times a day. But I'll try!

The Captain says hello!

That took a ridiculously long amount of time.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Can we talk about laundry for a second and how much I hate it? There's just something so...futile about it. It never stops. I have to wear clothes, the clothes thus get dirty, I thus must wash the clothes. I can think of only three alternatives to this situation: 1) don't wear clothes, 2) wear dirty clothes, and 3) only wear clothes once. Let's take a deeper look into these options.

Option 1: Don't Wear Clothes
Now, granted, the ladies would really like this option. Lord knows I get enough catcalls walking down the street with my clothes on. But realistically, I live in northern Illinois. And currently, it's damn cold. Cold enough to freeze your giblets off. If I were to walk around with only a pensive smile on, I'd likely only make it to the mailbox before I'd start turning blue. I suppose I could move down south or wait until the summer for this option, and I certainly would work around the clothes-washing issue, but for now, we'll have to shelve this option.

Option 2: Wear Dirty Clothes
Don't get me wrong, I do this from time to time; I'm a swingin' bachelor. But I will wear absolutely nothing more than twice before I wash it, and even then I'm not too happy about it. If I wore dirty clothes, consistently, though, I'd really have a tough time doing a good job teaching. The kids would all be covering their noses with their hands, and then how would they take notes properly? They couldn't, that's how. Besides this fact, I'd be fired. There's nothing explicit in my contract about wearing clean clothes (to the best of my knowledge), but I don't have tenure yet, and they don't really need a good reason for fire me. And I need money. I like to buy things. So this option is out, at least on a regular basis.

Option 3: Only Wear Clothes Once
As alluded to above, I like to buy things, and new clothes is certainly not an exception. However, since I am in fact a young teacher, I make roughly equivalent to shit. Thus, if I went with this option, I would only be able to wear new white T-shirts before throwing them out. This might be fine for a stay-at-home-full-time-blogger (which has been me lately), but once school starts back up in a few days and I start wearing nothing but white T-shirts, they're going to start calling me Mr. Clean again. I hate it when they call me Mr. Clean. There's no earring, people! Look at the guy! He has an earring! I don't! For Chrissake! ...sorry, got off on a little tangent there. For right now, then, I can't really afford to just wear clothes once. Damn it.

So I suppose I'm stuck. Maybe I should get married? I'd be fine doing the cooking if my wife would do the laundry. Or I could send it all away to a service or something. But again, that would cost money. Maybe I could get a trained monkey. That'd be sweet!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

iTunes Confessions

I got this idea from Tara's blog, and she got it from Lizzie's blog. The idea is to provide a list from your ipod of your most-played songs. Since I don't have an ipod (!), I'll have to use my iTunes stats. After looking at my all time most-played songs, I realized they are all from the Scrubs soundtrack because one day I just left it on repeat for about 24 hours. So I'm going to list my most-played songs of the past two weeks.

1. Coldplay - "See You Soon" (27)
2. Coldplay - "Don't Panic" (24)
3. Coldplay - "Yellow" (22)
4. David Gray - "This Years Love" (20)
5. Coldplay - "Warning Sign" (17)
6. Coldplay - "Amsterdam" (16)
7. Coldplay - "Everything's Not Lost" (16)
8. Coldplay - "The Scientist" (15)
9. Coldplay - "Clocks" (15)
10. Coldplay - "Politik" (13)
11. Coldplay - "In My Place" (12)
12. Coldplay - "Parachutes" (12)
13. Peter Warlock - "Capriol Suite - Basse-Danse" (10)
14. Peter Warlock - "Capriol Suite - Pavane" (10)
15. Peter Warlock - "Capriol Suite - Pieds-En-L'air" (10)
16. Coldplay - "Sparks" (10)
17. Peter Warlock - "Capriol Suite - Tordion" (9)
18. Peter Warlock - "Capriol Suite - Bransles" (9)
19. Peter Warlock - "Capriol Suite - Mattachins" (9)
20. Coldplay - "Green Eyes" (9)
21. Coldplay - "Shiver" (9)
22. Coldplay - "Trouble" (9)
23. The Irish Tenors - "The Last Rose of Summer" (9)
24. Cats Stevens - "The Wind" (8)
25. Coldplay - "We Never Change" (8)
26. Fleetwood Mac - "Songbird" (8)
27. Fleetwood Mac - "Landslide" (7)
28. Peter Warlock - "Serenade for Strings" (6)
29. The Beatles - "Blackbird" (6)
30. Tied between 5

For the record, I've been listening to Black Eyed Peas while writing this post.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back in the 'ville

Drove back to Illinois today, and I noticed a billboard while driving in Indiana. Here's what it said:

"September 17th, 2005: 1st Annual Take a Kid Hunting Day"

After a little "hunting" online, I came up with this link, which details the program that took place in Indiana. And I think we've finally come to it. The best idea in the history of ideas. "Take a Kid Hunting Day."

Why This is a Bad Idea
1. Let's just start our citizens off in life shooting things. They should get used to the feel of a gun in their hands.

2. Notice that it doesn't say "son"; it says "kid". Find a kid on the street, teach him how to shoot defenseless animals. Better yet, get a homeless "kid" and give him a gun. He's got a better chance with it.

3. By putting up these billboards near major interstate highways, Indiana is publicizing just how backwoods-stupid and morally ambiguous it is to the rest of the country. Trust me, I went to college there.

Moving on, I hate driving. It's boring, and I'm afraid I'll kill someone (read:me). So for the five hour drive I have to carefully pick my music selections. Here's what I listened to on this trip.

To Dayton
1. NPR (until out of range)
2. Led Zeppelin Box Set CD #4
3. Led Zeppelin Box Set CD #3
4. Led Zeppelin Box Set CD #2

Why so much Led Zeppelin, you ask? Well, I haven't listened to them in a while, and they're so grooooovy!

To Naperville
1. The Carpenters: Greatest Hits
2. Little Shop of Horrors (the musical soundtrack)
3. Les Miserables (2 CDs; the musical soundtrack)
4. NPR

Yeah, I know, I like musicals. Sorry. And that Karen Carpenter has a great voice. Don't yell at me.

I can't wait to see Munich. It's got it all: hype, controversy, Spielberg, terrorism, Geoffrey Rush playing a character named "Ephraim", etc.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Link Post - Christmas Edition

In the past month or so, while trying desperately not to do anything productive, I've stumbled on a number of worthwhile sites. This post is to highlight the "Best of the Year" even though the year technically has a couple more days left. Keep in mind that the list is limited only to sites I've found in the last month of web travels. I'm even going to try to rank them, just for fun.

Top 10 websites I've found in the past month or so

This site lets me compulsively check who, how many, where from, and when people visit my sites. It's terrible if you have OCD.

9. The Webpage of Paul Madrid
This is the personal website of Paul Madrid. It's part blog, part links, part random. Nice.

This site has my pictures on it. And it lets me make that cool Flickr Badge in the sidebar.

7. The Criterion Collection
This site has good movies. Remember good movies? I do.

6. Postsecret
This site is unique. And cooool!

5. Bored Housewife
This is a funny housewife from Utah named Lisa. Her site is unconventional (and occasionally raunchy).

4. There is a calm I haven't come to yet...
This is Danielle's blog. I like Danielle.

This is an AWESOME site for anyone who likes things.

2. I've Made a Huge Mistake
This is Tara's blog. For as much shit as I give her daily, she's putting together a nice little blog (though I'm the one who got her started blogging in the first place (and now she gets more visitors than I do because she's a woman)).

1. The Complimenting Commenter
This is just a guy who goes around complimenting people. What could be better than that?!? Nothing, that's what.

Sites that ROCK, but I couldn't include because they're mine
The Many and Varied Adventures of The Captain
The Pie Championship Series

Other sites that I will be checking out more in depth (in no particular order) (Zach's official site - under construction)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Season 5

Sweet Fancy Moses!

I just saw the extended TV spot for Season 5 of 24. Good lord. I was toying with the idea of waiting until it comes out on DVD so that I can watch the whole thing at once--but now that's not an option.

We're going to have a Season 5 kickoff party on Sunday, January 15th for the two-hour season premier. It's going to rock.

I also heard that Kim Bauer will be back for this season, and I have mixed feelings about this. Sure, she's a smokin hottie, but she can't act worth shit, and past Season 1, she hasn't really done anything worth anything plotwise. But let's see.

I'm going to miss Tony Almeda. I wonder if he's in Season 5. I like him. And Michelle Dessler is absolutely beautiful.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Another Festivus MIRACLE!

First of all, boys and girls, I hope you have the merriest Festivus EVER. While the Festivus purists will tell you that Festivus should be an impromptu holiday, bypassing any and all comercialism, I'm going to stick with the traditional Frank Costanza date: December 23rd. It indeed is that time of year when we air our grievances and perform our heroic feats of strength.

My Airing of Grievances
"I got a lot of problems with you people!"
1. How come no one smiles at strangers anymore? That happened in college, at least to me.
2. No one has complimented my goatee in a while. You guys suck.
3. Why do Notre Dame and Ohio State have to play each other this year? It's a lose-lose situation (well, technically, a lose-win situation, but still).
4. Why haven't the doctors found that ever-elusive anti-fat gene therapy yet? Come on!
5. In case you didn't notice, teachers don't get paid SHIT.
6. Why does my car insurance cost so frickin much?!?
7. Why doesn't the US have true public health care? I was visiting my frail grandmother today, and she's very knowledgeable about the new Medicare Plan D, and apparently it's a load of crap. Has anyone else noticed that Republicans don't care about old people (or the poor, while we're at it)?
8. There is a shamefully small amount of public transportation in this country.
9. How come Gino knows so many hot women, and he won't give me ANY of them?
10. Why is Peter Jennings dead?!?!?
11. Shouldn't the University of Michigan be disbanded already? I mean, really.
12. Steve Madden didn't name his newborn son after me. I mean COME ON!
13. Did I mention that I don't get paid SHIT?
14. Speaking of teaching, have you noticed how much alcohol costs these days?
15. Are there no eligible females left?
16. Why doesn't the state of Illinois add an extra lane to ALL of its highways?
17. Why do football players pat each other on the ass (and not me)?
18. Why do dogs exist?
19. Mark May sucks my ass.
20. This is the worst site I've ever been to.

The Feats of Strength
"Festivus doesn't end until you pin me, George."
Today Paul and I decided to see who could drink the most before passing out--it was our little Festivus Feats of Strength. And we're still going.
The above is not true.

In other news--as I alluded to above--Steve and Jen Madden are now the proud parents of little Nicholas Madden. And he was born today, on Festivus! I actually tried to call Steve "while Jen was pushing."

And finally, Jon Reardon, high school buddy of mine, referred me to an awesome site. It's called, and if you haven't been there before, you should definitely check it out. What it does is compile reviews from critics on film, DVDs, music, games, books, and TV, and it weights different critics' reviews (i.e., a music critic from Rolling Stone would have more sway than one from The Dayton Daily News). Thus, it creates an overall rating that takes all of these ratings into account. Kinda neat.

Well, until next time, have a spectacular Festivus!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Link for the Rest of Us

In the course of my scouring of the blogosphere, happened upon this link, which could benefit us all.

Donations are gladly accepted.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Post from Dayton

Greetings, all. First of all, I'd like to share a picture with you from my travels to Dayton.

That's right, folks, if you look close enough, you can see that the odometer reads "111111". Holy crap! What are the odds?!

In other news, Dayton is still here. My childhood cat Oreo still recognizes me (or at least doesn't hate me). And I normally bring Holden and Atticus, so he has good reason to hate me. I've made my first short film, called "The PCS Cup: The First Two Years". I think it's really good, though I'm still having a problem getting suitable resolution--it looks grainy on the computer. I'm wondering if it's the computer or the camera. Hope it's the computer. Or...something.

From Pletch:

============== Web Headlines ===================
From the Writers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


Religious persecution is in the news again, specifically, America's war on Christians. This tiny, embattled, eighty-five percent majority, relegated tocontrolling only the White House, Congress, the Courts, and most State Houses,is under increasing attack. Sure, they're not being fed to the lions anymore,but the greetings they're being offered are insufficiently seasonal.While being wished a "Happy Holiday" instead of a "Merry Christmas" might seempetty, FOX News personalities like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and John Gibsonhave been devoting shows to what they've termed "The War on Christmas." Gibsonhas even written a book on the subject. Which would make a fine gift from thefat bearded nondenominational gift-bearing man under anyone's seasonal evergreentree.According to O'Reilly, saying "Merry Christmas" is fine, as long as you bringenough God for everyone, explaining, "The smart way to do it is Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings, Happy Kwanzaa." Inspired by O'Reilly'sexample, Macy's has released designs for its new in-store packaging, includingone shopping bag wishing customers a "Merry Christmas," and another reading "Hey, Shlomo! Happy Thing With the Candles!"

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Life is too serious to take seriously.

Notre Dame Wins and Karl Rove's Successes are Inversely Proportionate

Audra sent me this. I think she's on to something.

My Friends, for the sake of Notre Dame and all that is Holy, we must ROLL ROVE!! The Rise of Karl Rove and his dancing monkey coincides with the "down" period of Notre Dame. It is the current investigation by Irishman Patrick Fitzgerald of Rove over his outing CIA assets that brought about the hiring of Charlie Weis. We must put a proverbial stake in the hear of Rove, so that Notre Dame's return to GLORY can be completed. A little history.

NOTRE DAME GREATEST period, and the greatest run of ANY TEAM ANYWHERE, ANY TIME in college football history was Notre Dame under Leahy from 1946 though 1949, when the team DID NOT LOSE A FRIGGIN GAME.

Then, suddenly, as if an evil pall is cast across America's landscape, America's team inexplicably falls to 4-4-1 in 1950. As many losses in one season as the team has suffered in the prior six seasons. What could explain this aberration?? ITEM: 1950 Karl Rove is Born. What follows, the worst stretch for Notre Dame in its history from 1950 to 1963.

In the early 1960s, a Democrats retake the White House after years of Republican stewardship. Not long afterward, a rennaissance of sorts takes place in South Bend, and Notre Dame takes the National Championship in 1966.

However, dark clouds appear on the Horizon. Richard Nixon retakes the Presidency for the Republicans. He wins reelection in a landslide in 1972, with help from some "dirty tricksters," including Don Segretti, Karl Rove's mentor.

However, the GLORIOUS SUN RISES and light shines on the horrid dirty tricks and the WATERGATE SCANDAL sinks Nixon and throws his ilk in PRISON!! HOORAY!! Oh yeah, and Notre Dame wins National Championships in 1973 and 1977.

Oh no, but Karl Hooks up with the Yankee Texan George Herbert Walker Bush in 1980, helping him to make a good enough showing to get a VP nod. GHWB is elected VP in 1980 and begins service in 1981. Gerry Faust is named Notre Dame football head coach in 1980 and begins service in 1981. Darkness falls across the land.

But, a window of hope arises. The Republicans are going to name GHWB as their presidential nominee in 1988!! Democrats recognize the need to name an incompetent, big-noggined Massachusetts Greek (no, not you Sparty) to run against him, ensuring certain failure, but knowing that GHWB will RUN THE COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND and have NO IDEA HOW A COMMON SUPERMARKET SCANNER WORKS, thereby INSURING eight years of DEMOCRATIC DOMINANCE!! Hooray!! We could even run a philandering Bubba against GHWB and win. Things are looking up. Notre Dame wins a title in 1988, has another ROBBED from them in 1989, and is darned near unbeatable for the next four years.

Fast forward to November 1993. Notre Dame is riding high. We just beat the unbeatable Florida State. We're the heading to the Orange Bowl to play overmatched Nebraska (pre St. Tom's conversion) and be coronated TEAM OF THE MILLENIUM!! Quietly, in Texas, George Bush, he of Harkin Energy, failed Congressional run and public funds bailout for The Ballpark at Arlington fame, announces he's running for Governor of Texas. A week later, in mid November, he makes his first payments to the little known consulting firm, Karl Rove & Co. A mere days later.....HORROR... #1 Notre Dame falls to Boston College. FSU, in a sham vote, jumps over Notre Dame in the polls, even though Notre Dame dominated them just a week earlier. Notre Dame loses out on a chance to play for the National Championship, relegated to the backward state of Texas to play a bowl game.

Thus, Notre Dame hit Texas, and for the next 11 years, fell into its worst period, as losses mounted, inexplicable coaching blunder grew, and hope of Irish faithful was tested. Not coincidently, the same period marked the Rise of Rove. He led GWB to the Texas governorship, and led Republicans to an unheard of takeover of state offices across Texas. Then, he led GWB to the White House, with the help of crooked jurists, just like the crooked pollsters who robbed Notre Dame of its Glory. Again, in 2003, Rove led began the strategy for the 2004 campaign, and Notre Dame in 2003 suffered through its worst season in 40 years. Rove sealed the deal in November 2004 with a campaign landslide. Notre Dame sealed the deal in November 2004 with a landslide loss at the hands of the hated Trojans. All appeared lost.

But wait, wait just a second here. In 2005, word that Karl Rove is the subject of an FBI investigation of a shameful leak outing a valuable CIA operative, and Rove's wings are seriously trimmed. As his power plummets, THE IRISH RISE in 2005. We've CLEANED HOUSE and brought in Robot Genius CHOO CHOO CHARLIE WEIS to lead the lads!! As Rove slips into oblivion, the Irish Rise. But we must break up the Demonic Duo of Rove and Bush once and for all to ENSURE IRISH GLORY!! Thus, all Notre Dame family must write their Senators and Congressmen to ensure the Rove is OUT THE DOOR!! Do it for your children. Do it for your Nation. DO IT FOR THE ROBOT!!

Down with Rove. Glory for the Irish!! Mission Accomplished.

Friday, December 16, 2005

And Now...Winter Break

Most people would be thrilled that it's Winter Break. I mean, two solid weeks of: no responsibility, family, drinking, Scrubs, knitting, Kurosawa movies, The Captain, sleep, etc.

What's wrong with that?

Well, I'll tell you. I'm not good with free time. About two weeks into summer I start to realize that I need structure--I need routine. And there's no routine in the summer, and very little routine in Winter Break.

So what's an OCD high school teacher to do? My plan is to do as many "relaxing" things as possible to keep as busy as possible. How sad is that?

So I'm back on Scrubs. I love Scrubs. Diametrically opposite to 24, but still SO good.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How do YOU relax?

Finished season 4 of 24. In 5 days. Sweet fancy Moses! We're SERIOUSLY talking about having a Season 5 Kickoff Party on January 15th--it's a Sunday, but we don't have school the following Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. God bless that man. And God bless Jack Bauer (for a straight man, I'm really starting to become obsessed with him; no comments, Tara). If you're interested in coming to our Kickoff Party, let me know.

I wore an Ohio State shirt to school today and everyone was shocked. Yes, people, I like Ohio State AND Notre Dame! I grew up in Ohio, for chrissake! I could never root against EITHER team; that's why January 2nd will be so difficult for me.

Dana apparently has a date. So he rebounds after about two months, and it's taking me about two years. Yeah, that's healthy. Good job, Southie.

How do teachers meet new people who aren't teachers or under the age of 19? Is that why we get paid so little: we don't have any sort of social life on which to spend our money? Seriously, if someone could help me with this, I'd really appreciate it. Seriously.

Figured out my camcorder. It rocks.

Coldplay is so good.

Question of the Post
What do you do to relax? (Please answer this honestly.)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Random Dana Quote of the Day

"You know, key grips don't get enough props."

--Dana Gordon Green, 10:31pm CT, 12/10/05

The Return of Jack Bauer

So I broke down and got season 4 of 24 yesterday. I've already watched five episodes.

So I guess I'll go back to watching them. Now.

I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing...

Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover

You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires.
And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek.
You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships.
It all depends on who your with, and what their vision of a perfect relationship is.

If this is true, someone has a lot of explaining to do...... ...

Thanks to Danielle for this link.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Truth and Beauty

I have looked upon those brilliant creatures,
And now my heart is sore.
All's changed since I, hearing at twilight,
The first time on this shore,
The bell-beat of their wings above my head,
Trod with a lighter tread.

From "The Wild Swans at Coole" by William Butler Yeats

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Taking: Film Project Suggestions!

First of all, I MAY have a new favorite movie. I'm not quite sure yet--I need to see it a few more times. It's Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon. Utterly fantastic. I think I like it better than Seven Samurai. It's just so...good.

You know what you are? You're a ribbon bully.

So I'm still teaching. Somehow. Ow.

For those of you who haven't heard, it's official! I've been published. The lit mag isn't all that great, but you gotta start somewhere, right? It's called the Pacific Coast Journal, and I got it today in the mail. Yay!

I was strong and didn't buy season 4 of 24 today. I know if I buy it I'll just watch it every waking moment until I'm done. Which would not be a good thing at this juncture.

Anyway, I still need some suggestions on what should be my first official film project (as the title of this post indicates). Give me some suggestions!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


The Return of J.D.

Good news, everyone. According to, Scrubs season 5 will begin on January 3rd. NBC will be airing the first two episodes from 9:00-10:00pm ET.

Also, it's official: Ohio State and Notre Dame will be playing one another in the Fiesta Bowl the day before Scrubs begins, January 2nd. It was a really tough decision, but Paul and I decided not to fly out to Tempe for the game, mainly due to the $1700 pricetag, but also because we'd have to take work off and I'd be super tired when I got back. We're going to do our best to be able to watch it together, however.

A shout out to my latest commentor (commenter?), theshadowknows. He seems to know a lot about The Captain, so I'm thinking he might be Coleman Barker, but I couldn't verify this information.

In other news, I dropped nearly $130 on some Akira Kurosawa movies, plus Millon Dollar Baby. I like movies.

Holden and Atticus say hello to the blogosphere. Picture attached, albeit a younger version of the kitties.

Question of the Post:
What should my first project be once I get my Christmas present from my parents (Christmas present=AWESOME camcorder)? Comments appreciated.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Festivus for the Rest of Us

Does anyone have an aluminum pole? It's been about three years now that I've been looking for one, and I still haven't found anything (and I refuse to buy one). Any suggestions? There's a lot of airing of grievances I'd like to do.

Gino's wedding was last night. Gino is a balding Italian I work with. Everyone likes him. They had a martini bar at the reception that was really neat. The bartender poured the vodka through an ice sculpture into your glass. I got two.

The Captain is doing well, but he hasn't been out in a while. I suppose it might be time for another trip. He does like the cold weather.

I'm kind of sad that neither Notre Dame or Ohio State play this Saturday. They're my two favorite teams, for those of you who don't know. Paul and I have said that we would go to the next game in which they place each other, but that might be in Tempe, and I might have to take off work, which would be a little complicated.

Paul Madrid is taking some sort of standardized test right now. He says on his away message to wish him luck. Good luck, Paul.

Finally, I'd like to thank the commentor from my last post, Tortaluga. Thank you!

Until next time, boys and girls, watch movies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Still Awake

So here's my first post. I went to sleep tonight at 6:40pm, and now I'm awake at 2:00am. Go figure.

Has anyone else listened to David Gray's "This Years Love"? Because it's amazing. I can't stop listening. It's actually becoming irritating now.

Speaking of irritating, Season 4 of 24 comes out next Tuesday, and of course I'll have to get it. My friend Tara lent me the first season a few weeks ago, and about two weeks later, I had watched all three seasons that were out on DVD. That Jack Bauer! Man. Wait, more accurately, that Kim Bauer! MAN. Don't get me started on Elisha Cuthbert.

Still don't have Seinfeld 5 and 6 or Scrubs 2. I wouldn't have time to watch them even if I did. Sucks.

What do people normally write about in blogs? I bet they normally don't post at 2+ in the am. Mostly. Here's a picture of The Captain to spice things up. As you can see, he's doing well.

Looks like the Colts beat Pittsburgh tonight as I was sleeping. Man, Peyton Manning is fun to watch. He's just so...good.

Well anyway, I should try to go sleep. I have to be up in three hours. I don't even know if anyone will read this =) Sweets is the only one who might, and that's only because I commented on his blog a few days ago.