Monday, March 27, 2006

24 Recap - 3/27/06

The new girl's name is Shari Rothenberg, and DAMN is she CUTE. She's played by Kate Mara, the daughter in Brokeback Mountain. I don't care if she's psycho--she's damn hot.

Worst line in 24 ever: "I held on because I knew you'd come, Jack. I knew you'd come." Ugh. Gimme a break.

Have you guys noticed that they're doing less and less split screens? I LOVE the split screens. We want more! Not less!

I wish Audrey had died from something accidentally.

Dumb ending to this episode. It just kind of stopped. And since when was Henderson the primary target??? They were always trying to find Bierko and the nerve gas, and they happened upon Henderson along the way. He wasn't the mastermind, at least to the best of my knowledge.

Good parts: Cute new girl, Chloe still alive, torturing Audrey Raines, almost no President Logan, the Jameson.

Bad parts: Audrey not dying, story arc basically coming to an end, Tony, Michelle, and President Palmer still gone.

Predictions: An entirely new potential catastrophe is unmasked (that's an obvious one, though), STILL: the VP is behind all of this, Kim and Shari start making out, the ratings go through the roof, and the producers decide to make 24 into softcore porn. I'd watch it.

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Howard Davis said...

Agreed on the new girl! She is a doll. I wanted to hate that guy from Homeland Security, but maybe he didn't really harass her. Kind of looked like there was weird tension between them.

Yeah, they could bring Kim back for a make-out session with the new girl. But, under no circumstances, should Kim get to return to the show full time. She is just too annoying.

Sorry about Audrey still being alive.

Heather B. said...

I just wrote this on another blog, but pretty much the Shari girl is a nut job and just because someone politely brushes your shoulder, doesn't mean he wants to jump your bones. Psycho.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

OH MY GOD. I just watched it. The killer is that I glanced at your blog yesterday, and I thought I saw that Audrey had, in fact, died. So I talked to Kenny, who started feeding into that to throw me off, and said she died of an allergic reaction to the stuff they gave her. He also said she confessed to being a part of it. I was so nervous that whole episode.

I thought it was a good ending. Although the dumb part is that we know Jack won't be dead but Bierko will be. I can't wait to see him coming out of the burning building. That will be so hot.