Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Landlord Love

I'm crashing at three more sites. It seems I'm more popular on the blogosphere than in real life. You should definitely check these sites out, cause they rock.

Emily's Nutang: This site is the shit--run by a college student from Alabama. That's run, Bone, I said Alabama. She has a cat named Dr. Doom. And it doesn't hurt that she's totally hot.

Odd Planet: This site is odd. It has an appropriate name. Also, it's similar to Vandelay Industries in that there are random, pseudo-interesting things brought to your attention.

Mark Rogers, Super Guy: This is a Super Site from a Super Guy. And, more importantly, this was the site that first informed me that Arrested Development is being picked up by Showtime. What more can you ask for?

1 comment:

Bone said...

If I ever have a cat, I'm gonna name him Mister Marbles.

Hmm, girl bloggers in my state? Interesting development. I'll get back to you.