Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Still Awake

So here's my first post. I went to sleep tonight at 6:40pm, and now I'm awake at 2:00am. Go figure.

Has anyone else listened to David Gray's "This Years Love"? Because it's amazing. I can't stop listening. It's actually becoming irritating now.

Speaking of irritating, Season 4 of 24 comes out next Tuesday, and of course I'll have to get it. My friend Tara lent me the first season a few weeks ago, and about two weeks later, I had watched all three seasons that were out on DVD. That Jack Bauer! Man. Wait, more accurately, that Kim Bauer! MAN. Don't get me started on Elisha Cuthbert.

Still don't have Seinfeld 5 and 6 or Scrubs 2. I wouldn't have time to watch them even if I did. Sucks.

What do people normally write about in blogs? I bet they normally don't post at 2+ in the am. Mostly. Here's a picture of The Captain to spice things up. As you can see, he's doing well.

Looks like the Colts beat Pittsburgh tonight as I was sleeping. Man, Peyton Manning is fun to watch. He's just so...good.

Well anyway, I should try to go sleep. I have to be up in three hours. I don't even know if anyone will read this =) Sweets is the only one who might, and that's only because I commented on his blog a few days ago.