Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Just watched the first episode of Teachers. I don't particularly know why I watched it--probably because they put it on directly after Scrubs. And it just started, and I said to myself, "I'm a teacher--maybe I'll like this show!" And perhaps I can log in my Professional Development file.

It wasn't good--but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. The writing was just a bit more clever than your average sitcom to make it stand out, but not so much that it will be picked up for another season. There were even some pretty nice Hamlet references.

It was "developed" by Matt Tarses, who also worked on Scrubs, and there are some definite Scrubs similarities throughout (e.g., white male lead with a bald black sidekick).

I'll prolly watch the rest of the shows, but I'm sure they'll cancel it unless it gets a plot/writing kick, but who knows.

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Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Agreed 100%.

ps: the bald black sidekick is Kenny "Bud" from the Cosby Show. Rudy's friend.

Peety said...

Coming to show my "landlord" some love...

How are you?

It is almost week-end :o)

Enjoy the rest of your day..

Lori said...

I would be inclined to agree about Teachers. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and I'll probably watch it since it comes on right after Scrubs (which I love), but I doubt Teachers will get picked up for another season.