Monday, March 13, 2006

24 Recap - 3/13/06

God FUCKING dammit! NOOOOOOO. How can they do that?!? Shit. I can't BELIEVE that TONY died. AAAAHHHHHH! Apparently, I like Tony even more than Michelle, based on my reaction to their deaths. I literally yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" at the TV, startling my cats and most of my neighbors. Very shocking, very sad. They had best introduce some new, kickass character that's like some super Tony-Michelle hybrid. I'm pissed, if you can't tell.

Other brief observations:

Best Jack line in a while: "You alright?" "No."

Chloe: "I'm pretty good at getting information."

Lynn McGill went all George Mason on us. MUCH less shocked about this than Tony--this was foreseeable.

Kim is now a heartless bitch and until further notice I want her completely gone from the show.

This episode was really a stand-alone episode; very little happens outside of CTU (including the President's idiotic cowering).

Good parts: Jack's cool line (see above). There was nothing else good about this episode. Tony's death erases all goodness off the face of the earth. Even the Jameson tasted bitter. I hate my life.

Bad parts: Tony's death. Tony's death. Tony's death. Tony's death. Tony's death. Kim still living. Tony's death.

Predictions: Southie wallows in sorrow and depression and never watches 24 again. I'll miss you, Tony.

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Heather B. said...

So I watched my 2nd episode of 24 last night and I am now obsessed. Even though I've seen it like once, I pretty much knew that The Hobbit was going to die.

Bone said...

OK. I knew I could count on you to post a worthy review. This is my first season to watch. So I hadn't developed the attachment to Tony that you had. Although WGN had a marathon on over the weekend, so I watched most of some previous season. Still, if anything happens to Chloe... *shudder*

Southie said...

Heather B.: Awesome! Welcome to the coolest club around. And some of the "surprises" are more obvious than others--NO ONE saw Tony's death coming... =(

Bone: You can always count on me, man. I think my favorite season is 2, but in general they're all good. At first I hated Chloe, but now she's one of my favorites. But Tony... Oh, man.