Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Various and Sundry

First of all, at the time of posting, you only have ONE HOUR LEFT to check out my tenant. Click on the thumbnail to the right!
Next week is Spring Break. I am seriously questioning whether or not I'll make it.

I'm averaging about 4 episodes of Seinfeld a day. It's like breathing.

For those interested (including Bone), here's my fantasy roster, before any adds, drops, or trades:

Rodriguez, Ivan
Giambi, Jason
Soriano, Alfonso
Rodriguez, Alex
Lopez, Felipe
Beltran, Carlos
Griffey, Ken
Ramirez, Manny
Garciaparra, Nomar
Buehrle, Mark
Duke, Zach
Hudson, Tim
Millwood, Kevin
Cordero, Francisco
Hoffman, Trevor
Rodriguez, Francisco
Molina, Bengie
Casey, Sean
Cano, Robinson
Baldelli, Rocco
Granderson, Curtis
Hermida, Jeremy
Rowand, Aaron
Young, Delmon
Kazmir, Scott
Sheets, Ben

Thankfully, the controversy around Soriano seems to be dying down.

It's my mom's birthday today!

I just saw "The Pick" episode of Seinfeld. Awesome.


debbiecakes said...

Hey Southie and fellow Seinfeld nut;

It's been a pleasure. You keep the place pretty clean, although mi gato is missing because Kramer left the door open and my poor cat got out, everything else was alright.

Don't be surprised to find a link to you on my soon as I get to it.

"Stay alive, and no matter what happens; I will find you!"

(Kramer gets lost on 1st and 1st Avenue "the nexxus of the universe")

P.S. It WAS Famous Original Ray's.

ibis said...

Happy Birthday Southie's mom! ...for Wednesday :)