Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Question for Mitch Hurwitz

So, supposing the Arrested Development being picked up by Showtime rumors are true, I've got a pretty important question for creator-producer Mitch Hurwitz.

Given that FOX is a television station that can be seen by millions and millions of little girls in pigtails, they must abide by the censorship laws put in place for TV stations that come with basic cable. Now, granted, FOX has been pushing this envelope with the best of them, but the fact of the matter is, shows like Arrested Development were never able to say the word "fuck" (beeping it out and covering the mouth of the character) or "cunt" (using instead a clever reference to "the Seaward") or show Tobias' sock-enshrined penis. The thing is, Arrested found such clever ways of getting around the censors that those methods themselves were the jokes have the time--and it was DAMN funny.

But if these rumors are true, Mitch Hurwitz, and you'll be moving your brilliant show to Showtime, whether these restrictions are much more lax, what will you do? Are we suddenly going to start hearing GOB's tirades about shaving his ------, bending you over and ------ in the -------? Because the fabric of the show would be fundamentally different. Would it be as funny? I don't know, but I don't think so. If more profanity is allowed on the show, the show would need to be taken in a different direction, and there are many out there who believe that anything Mitch Hurwitz produces would be dynamite, so that would work. And it might. But I miss my old Arrested, the clever allusions to female body parts, the topless girls that we can't see, and the characters who are real because they say "fuck" just like I do. My vote is that they not change a thing.

Other Arrested News:

It has been announced that Season 3 of Arrested is being released on DVD on June 13! Hoorah! Details here.

Tony Hale (Buster) is now a father for the first time. Congrats, Byron!

There is a fantastic post I've stumbled across on Arrested--it details the "25 Best Arrested Development Moments". Quite funny. Check it out here.

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