Monday, March 20, 2006

24 Recap - 3/20/06

So Tony's dead. They put a white sheet over him. =(

I've been checking out this site for a few weeks now, but I think it's time to get all of you in the mix as well. For the TRUE Tony fans, such as myself:

Cool ending, though, what with Audrey Raines being the source and all. Not shocking, per se, but certainly intriguing. I'm honestly not sure which way it'll go--they haven't hinted at a bad side to Audrey at all to the best of my memory. If I had to bet, I'd say she did it. She's been around for a while now, and besides, I don't like her.

I'm getting sick of Curtis. Why does everyone like him? He's such a non-character. He has no personality. He's a tool.

I still can't believe how many longterm and midterm characters they're killing off in this season. Man.

I think that German dude is going to do psycho and try to screw over Jack. Then he and Jack will come under fire in some way and he will be forced to help Jack. Sorry, predictions come later...

Good parts: Jack asking the German guy, "Are we okay?" after the speakerphone conversation--it was soooo gay! The hot European chick. The intrigue with Wayne Palmer--I'm buying it so far. The Audrey Raines twist at the end. The Jameson.

Bad parts: Tony dying. President Logan still obviously being an idiot. Curtis living. Stupid Homeland Security people--what dumbasses!

Predictions: See above, and: the VP interrogates Wayne Palmer (he is DEFINITELY behind the shooting of his car!), the German guy comes back mad, Audrey goes to the dark side.

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Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Curtis is not a non-character! He's reliable. He's in the trenches. He's the fucking man. And he's hot. You get your hot European contractor and Kim Bauer. Let us ladies have Jackie and Curtis. Don't worry; he'll die. All black men on 24 die and all black women are evil. I even think Bill is kind of hot for an old guy. That badge clouds my judgement I think.

Bone said...

Nooooooooooo. Not Audrey!!!

Please don't let it be Audrey. As you said, they haven't shown a hint of anything bad from her. She fought to get Lynn out of there.

Next week's show looks like it'll be much more exciting than this week's. This was sort of a "bridging" hour. I like the Palmer twist. If Pierce dies, I'm going off on somebody! I'll drive to CTU myself!

Howard Davis said...

I don't like Audrey either, but she did not sell any secrets to terrorists. She's being set up just like they did to her husband earlier on.

That VP is a sonofabitch. I bet he's behind the whole thing. Why else would he attack Palmer's car?

I have to agree with Tara that Curtis is not a non-character. He rules. I know he's no Tony, but he kicks ass in his own way.

MappyB said...

I fell asleep 5 minutes into it last night. Bummer. Thanks for the recaps!

Southie said...

Tara: Fine. You can have Curtis. Though don't count Kim Bauer against me--I'm off that bandwagon.

Bone: Totally agree with you on the bridging comment. No WAY should Pierce die. I'll freak too.

Howard: You're probably right on Audrey, though I wouldn't be sad if she got rubbed out. You're definitely right about the VP.

MappyB: Sometimes it's rough for me to stay up so late, too. I get up damn early.

Howard Davis said...

Southie- I got my 24 thoughts up. Let me know what you think.

Howard Davis said...

The URL got cut off. Just go to the main page and scroll down a little. Sorry.

rockyjay said...

You almost cost me a heart attack!

By "Tony" I thought you meant Tony Soprano.

But that's just my bad. Apparently, I can't read as the subject said it all (24 Recap).

D'oh! I'm an idiot. Gosh!