Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jean Smart Unmasked

2All season long in 24, I've been recognizing President Logan's wife from somewhere, but I couldn't remember where--it's been bugging hell out of me. Well, I finally realized where I've seen her!

Her name is Jean Smart, and she played Mark's mom Carol in Garden State! What a wacky role reversal! "Mark, don't talk to him like that--he's a knight."

I'm glad Brokeback Mountain has taken so many nominations--it's good.


Lizzie said...

And don't forget Designing Women.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

that's like the least of the stuff she's done. she's old and she's been in TONS of stuff. Great detective work though!

Lizzie, I think he's too young to remember Designing Women. pfft.....

Lisa said...

Dammit, I was going to point out the Designing Women role. How old are you?? I think I thought you were around my age, and I'm not too young for the DW.

Anywho. I hate president Logan. He is so damn spineless and such a whiney, horrible leader. I guess they needed some sort of change after the glorious integrity that was President Palmer. I hadn't watched last week's yet, so last night I watched it, and as usual, as it was wrapping up, I began to feel that familiar let down/impatience coming on--you know what I mean! But then, miracle of miracles, I remembered that it was last week's and that I already had the next show ready and waiting in my DVR list!!!
That was truly a Kodak moment. Or a Hallmark moment, maybe. :)

I'm going to pretend you're a girl for a minute and just add that I love the shirt Jack's wearing this season. Ok, here's your junk back. :)

Southie said...

Lizzie, Tara, and Lisa: I am NOT too young to rememer Designing Women! Delta Burke rocks (or, rather, rocked)!

Bone said...

She's not that old. Like 46 according to IMDB.

I guess I won't mention here how I find her somewhat attractive.

Heather B. said...

I am the proud owner of three Jean Smart movies: Garden State, I heart Huckabees, and Bringing Down the House.

I am also a loser.