Sunday, January 08, 2006


My laptop is breaking again. By "breaking" I mean that the jack where the power source connects to the computer is getting looser and looser, and thus it has to be positioned just so for it to work properly. It's like it's gradually dying. The really frustrating part is that this has happened twice before--the most recent time being TWO months ago.

I'm the type of person that gets really upset when something like this happens--things are supposed to work the way they were intended, and if they don't, I get angry. So I'm angry.

I'll be taking Betsy in to Best Buy later today (yes, I just named my computer "Betsy"). Thank goodness I have my school laptop that I can use in the meantime. Though it's just not the same.



Esbee said...

Why Betsy?

Mr. S said...
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Southie said...

Why not?

Betsy's a reliable, kind name. So I guess you're computer shouldn't in fact be called Betsy.

How bout Lucille?

Esbee said...

If your computer's giving you grief, give her a name more obviously problematic.