Wednesday, January 11, 2006

De-Lurk, Ye Heathens!

Okay, so according to Heather B., it's national de-lurking week. This means that if you have been coming to my site, you must leave a comment. For this post. To make it interesting, however, I'm going to ask you to pick one of the following questions and respond to it in your comment. Enjoy.

1. What's the best time you've ever had with cereal?

2. Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are you most like, and why?

3. Create a statement about yourself that is as untrue as possible.

4. What is the most creative thing you've ever done for money.

And as a showing of good faith, I'll even provide you with an answer of my own (but of course I'm not de-lurking on my own blog. That would be silly.):

3. I am the most well-paid, well-respected homeowner in my town. My hair is long and flowing, and its luster is the envy of the neighborhood. And I don't take out the garbage in my pajamas.

Your turn! (you have to--it's the law of the blogosphere)


dani said...

i think i'm most like michaelangelo. i tend to be a goof, and people often laugh at me for no apparent (or, at least, apparent to me) reason. i also get really really excited at the prospect of eating pizza. however, unlike michaelangelo, i don't think i'd put marshmellows on pizza.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Best time ever with cereal:

Freshman Year in college at McCormick Hall: Crunch Berries, with a side of tater tots and a wicked Miller lite hangover, my girlfriends and I comparing drunken makeout moments from the night before and talking about "Nizzick with the uncut Dizzick."

dani said...

southie... are you aware that your sidebar is no longer functioning quite right? it looks quite funky... at least for firefox and safari users...

Bone said...

I pick #4.

I once put an entire Burger King double cheeseburger into my mouth and swallowed it on a $300 bet. Then the &@&+&$$ didn't pay up!!!!

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

oh and ps... I agree with Dani. your sidebar is all F-ed up.

Southie said...

Someone please explain what's wrong with my sidebar! It looks fine to me! Is it all of it, or just a part? Thanks!

Southie said...

Okay...I took off the link--is my sidebar unscrewedup again?