Saturday, January 07, 2006


Ah...Saturday. Finally a chance to let go of all that pent-up randomness that's been bothering me all week. Let the randomness commence.

Been messing with my header because I think it's boring. So bear with me as it goes from everything from Care Bears to Saw 2 (not really Saw 2, but maybe Care Bears...).

I actually DIDN'T go out to see a movie last night...I was completely planning to, but Dana and I went out for Thai, and then we wanted to watch Scrubs, and by the time we were satisfied with our Scrubs mini-marathon, it was pretty late (and neither one of particularly wanted to--or could--drive). So we watched Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. It totally rocked, by the way, if you're into that sort of thing. We rationalized the decision to stay in by saying that we'd go to a matinee today and that it would be cheaper. We'll see if we go. I'm a film teacher for Chrissake, I should be seeing movies in the theater.

Top Ten Scrubs Patients, Seasons 1-5
10. Miss Tracy (even though she's annoying as hell)
9. Hector (Dr. Kelso's gardener)
8. Coma Guy (Tasty Coma Wife's husband)
7. Mr. Randolph (the WASP)
6. J. D. #1 ("Hey Number 2!")
5. Harvey Corman (Annoying hypochondriac)
4. Elaine (waiting for a heart transplant; big musical number at the end)
3. Johnny the Tackling Alzheimer's Patient (Classic.)
2. Mr. Bauber ("Pickles!")
1. Ben (Season 3, Episode 14 is THE best Scrubs episode. Period.)

The Captain finally put an update on his site, after about a week of hiatus. Does everyone know about The Captain? He's my personal mascot, and he has his own blog. He's so much cooler than I am. Unflappable.

So the NFL playoffs are starting, and I'm moderately interested. The Bears are in it, and I'm supposed to be for the Bears. And my step-dad and I have the NFL Postseason as one of our deciding events in the PCS. You probably shouldn't even go to that site; it's rather confusing. But fun. If you want an explanation, just ask.

Anyway, till next time, sports fans. All the best.


Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Hey, South. I haven't done work all weekend. I need to. I'm staying in tonight so maybe I'll grade some papers while I have the time. Anyway, I made a shitload of huge mistakes this weekend so I figured I should lock myself in the house and try to avoid people that inspire bad decision making. I want to change my header on my blog. How do you do that? I hate how we can't do this at work so you can show me in person how to do it.

Southie said...

Nice. Bad decisions are great. I think I'll make some tonight. I can show you how to change the header at school using the NHS blog. Enjoy the grading.