Monday, January 23, 2006

Everything's Turning Up Southie: The Return of Betsy/Lucille/Brittaneigh; the Times of Craziness; "Melissa"

Heavens, rejoice! My computer, Betsy/Lucille/Brittaneigh has returned. I've missed it so much! But now I have all of my thousands of bookmarks, my widescreen, and my numeric keypad. Whatever did I do without you! (Southie's Note: The picture of the "heavens" to the right I took myself in Oz!)

In other news, it's the start of semester 2 today at work--the Times of Craziness are upon us, at least for a week or so. The good thing about the Times of Craziness is that there are relatively few papers to grade. The bad thing about the Times of Craziness is that there is a LOT of planning and copying that goes on, and this can't be taken lightly (well, I suppose the copying can be taken lightly, if you know what you're doing). Another common characteristic of the Times of Craziness is that new students are introduced into your classroom. Luckily for me, I keep about 70% of the same kids. I like my kids--I don't want new ones. I can't wait until the Times of Craziness are over and the the Times of Productivity arrive. Then we'll be rollin'.

So I went on a date last Saturday with a very nice young lady who I'll call "Melissa" (to protect her identity), and it was fantastic. We went to a little Italian bar and restaurant in her neck of the woods, and it rocked not just because of the place itself, but because the people there were so real. I was impressed. Even more impressive than the bar, though, was my date; I can't wait to get to know her better. Did I mention she likes Scrubs? She does. As a matter of fact, I'm happy to say that "Melissa" and I will be going out again this Wednesday, seeing either Match Point or Bareback Mountain (seriously, did they not think the joke would be made; though I really can't take all the credit--Chrissy's dad said it first). As any avid reader of my blog will tell you, both are on my list. In short, I'm really looking forward to Wednesday...

For the record, my last name does begin with an S.


Sue Ellen Mischke said...

All the gays call it bareback too. it's nothing new. i can't talk about it without saying bareback. I keep forgetting the real title.

I think i deserve some credit for this "melissa" date. you wouldn't have met her if it weren't for my suggestion on how to meet her....

Lizzie said...

Glad the date went so well. Keep us posted!

Sue Ellen Mischke said...


That was the most amazing hour of TV I've ever seen.

Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But wow. That was AMAZING!!!!