Sunday, January 15, 2006

24 Season 5: Episodes 1-2


Holy shit!!! First of all, TOTALLY pissed that they killed off Michelle Dessler in the first 5 minutes of the season. Easily the hottest girl left on the show. Who's left--Chloe?!? Seriously. Not Audrey. She has a plastic nose. I don't know. Crazy. And what the FUCK with killing off David Palmer? I mean, come on! That was the ONE guy we were sure had moral integrity. Who else? No one, that's who. Glad that Edgar's back, if only for comic relief. Seriously, he's just hilarious. He's such a bitch. Don't like this new guy Spencer. Seems manipulative. He'll probably end up as a double agent, mark my words.

Other notable notes is that apparently I must be drinking some sort of whiskey while watching 24. It's just how it is. With ice.

The first commercial I was like, "NO!!!!!" I didn't know what to do. I instinctively reached for the remote to fast forward through the commercials, but to my horror I couldn't! It was one of worst moments of my life. Another one of the worst moments of my life came at the end of the second episode, when I found that there would be no more new episodes of 24 tonight, and that I couldn't make there be any more new ones. It was awful, just awful. I mean awful.

I hope that if Kim Bauer does come back that she's taken some acting lessons. And has less clothes. Damn, girl.


MappyB said...

Ha, less clothes. I wouldn't care for that, but they will have to spice up the lineup somehow, right? That boy was good for the female audience, the one with the hair, Jason? I agree with you about Spencer, he seems shifty. Edgar too, I love him, he's all we really have left in the way of respectable characters. That and the senators daughter I guess....we'll see.....I wish tonight would come faster!!!

Lisa said...

I'm with ya on the Kim character. Sure she's hot, but DAMN. I could say her lines with more conviction.

I am afraid it might not be a good season...but I won't give up hope just yet. It still has Keifer...

Bone said...

Last night was the first time I have ever watched 24. Since Fox was promoting it like the Beatles had reunited or something, I decided to check it out.

I was more than a little impressed. It kept my interest throughout. Plan on watching this season, if I can remember when it comes on.

Southie said...

MappyB: Actually, I've been thinking about going without 24 for about a month, saving up all of the episodes and watching them in short bursts. 24 is heroine.

Lisa: You should send them a tape of yourself saying Kim's lines. Not to get a part of anything--just to show them by comparison just how bad Kim's acting is. I think it would be funny. I think this season has potential, though. I think it was season 3 that looked really bad to me at first, but then got better (not sure though). We'll see!

Bone: Yeah, I actually heard that FOX briefly considered changing its name to something like "Channel 24" and buying the rights from every local cable provider to actually be broadcast on channel 24 on everyone's TV.

T-minus 4:15... tick...tick...tick...