Friday, January 06, 2006

Robertson=bin Laden?

So I'm reading along today at work, trying to divert my stress to some other medium, when I hit the jackpot. The jackpot being this article.

It seems that in all his Christian goodness, Pat Robertson has declared that it was divine justice that Ariel Sharon was stricken by a series of life-threatening strokes. Does this seem a little radical to anyone else? I mean, isn't that what we're pissed about Osama bin Laden for--inciting cultural misunderstandings and blaming innocent people? Sounds pretty similar to me.

Does this mean that we get to call it divine justice when Robertson eventually goes down (heaven forbid!)? Don't get me wrong--I don't want the asshole to die, I just wouldn't mind not hearing his hate corrupt my fellow Americans and make the rest of the world think we hate anyone non-Christian.

I know, I know...controversial post. So sue me--the guy's a jerk.


Anonymous said...

I agree -- even if your comments do create any kind of controversy. Did you also hear that he has condemned a town in Deleware that had voted down teaching intelligent design? He said, if a natural disaster hit that town, it would serve them right -- God's retribution.
There are some people from Kansas making pilgrimages to WI to cheer the funerals of soldiers that have died in Iraq. Their position: God hates America, and this is his way of showing us. Their signs celebrate 9/11, the hurricanes, IEDs, etc.
My point: why would you deliberately bring additional pain on those already suffering, just to boast your own beliefs? What kind of support are people like these KS folks and Robertson looking to solicit with these comments? People never cease to amaze and shock the hell out of me.

Southie said...

Yeah I heard about that town...hopefully there won't be any locust sightings near there. It just shocks me that someone with such radical views can be so listened to in our culture. It's depressing as hell, actually.