Monday, January 30, 2006

24 Recap - 1/30/06

My GOD I love this show! Honestly, it resurrects my faith in the American culture. It's just so--GOOD. To think that something so...dramatic...suspenseful...addictive could come from my own culture. Wow. It almost makes up for all the other shit that's on TV.

Does anyone else think that FOX puts Skating with Celebrities on right before 24 just to highlight how good the latter is? That's my belief.

Till next time, sports fans.


Sue Ellen Mischke said...

I was SCREEEAMING when Jack had the knife up to that guy's eye. He's such a BADASSSSS!!!

Who do you think is hiding in the penthouse? The scene they showed in the previews.

My vote is Nina Meyers. Unless she died in season 3 (which I never saw).

Or Mrs. Palmer. It's definitely someone from a previous season though.

Bone said...

Yeah, I think it's just so maybe someone will accidentally catch Skating With Celebrities. I catch like the last two minutes.

24 is so intense! Every segment of every episode. This is the first season I've watched, although I did see some reruns on A&E, I think, the other day. Nina was on those. That's also who I thought of when I saw the arms come up from behind the bed.