Wednesday, February 01, 2006

News Headlines

I consider myself a moderate news junkie--I check BBC Online, NY Times, and ABC News compulsively at least three times a day (in that order). Oftentimes at work, I'll be sitting in the office minding my own business when I realize that I've somehow not only find my way to one of these news sites, but that I'm halfway through reading an article about how scientists have found a way to send microchips into our bloodstream to monitor our risk for colon cancer. Honestly, this has happened to me more than once (though not the part about microchips and the colon cancer).

Today, though, as I was going to check my mail on Yahoo!, I caught site of the headlines that they throw at you on the gateway page. Three of them shocked me. They were:

"Bush Urges Confidence in His Leadership"
"White House, Chertoff Faulted Over Katrina"
"Insurgents Thwarting Iraq Reconstruction"

Besides the fact that upon reading each of these any educated member of the American public should slap their forehead with a resonating "DUH!", these articles could have been relevant more than 5 months ago! Why should I want to read any of these? I understand that a headline is supposed to summarize what the article is about, but isn't a headline also supposed to grab your attention? Well, these three did grab my attention, I suppose.

AP apparently could have taken a page (literally) from Tara's student-run newspaper, wherein one of the headlines proclaimed "It's Reigning Men", referring to our male pageant that is actually occurring right about now.

Random question completely unrelated to newspapers and/or headlines: who has heard Beethoven's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra no. 5 in E flat major, "Emperor" op. 73? Absolutely breathtaking, especially the first two minutes of the second movement. Amazing, and highly recommended.

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Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Thanks for the plug. I wrote about the North Star tonight, so if anyone actually reads this and then actually clicks on my link, they'll see a post with the title It's Reigning Men.