Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Reality

First of all, did anyone else notice that Rudy/Samwise Gamgee/Sean Astin is now on 24? Cool! And he plays an innocent-looking prick pretty well, so far. Now they just need to bring Michelle Dessler back.

In other news, I've decided to pitch my own reality TV show idea to FOX. Here it is (but don't tell anybody; PLEASE do not steal this idea from me--I'm putting this on my blog in good faith):
1. Locate an office building in an urban setting somewhere in America.
2. Locate an elevator in said office building.
3. Put cameraman in said elevator.
4. Videotape the businessmen and women who get on and off the elevator for an hour.
5. Hilarity ensues.
The possibilities for this show are virtually endless: you could pick a new city each week, or (if financial constraints are present) you could just rotate office buildings in the same city, you could place the camera man in different corners of the elevator, you could have the cameraman wearing a shirt and tie that just barely don't match and watch people's reactions, you could have a guest cameraman one week, you could have a camerawoman (!), etc. You see, this show could go on forEVER and never get old.

What's all the fuss going to be about, you might be asking yourself. Well, I'll tell you. I, along with many others in this country, have noticed that people have this obsession with what's been termed "reality television." Well, what's more real than waiting in an elevator?! Nothing! It's gonna catch on like wildfire.

And it's surely better than the drivel that serves as "reality television" currently. I mean, come on! [begins to lapse out of sarcasm...] What the crap, people?! If you want reality, turn OFF the TV...if you want fantasy, turn ON the TV...not that difficult. People will watch ANYTHING these days--call it reality television, and the show will instantly have a cult following. You could put monkeys throwing their own shit at each other. Oh, wait, that's already on TV. It's called American Idol. [lapses back into sarcasm...]

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Sue Ellen Mischke said...

My roommate watches American Idol. I'm so afraid I'll get sucked in with the masses.

I may do a follow-up post on the comic sans thing. God I feel bad about that.