Friday, January 20, 2006

You're it.

So I've been tagged for the very first time by MappyB! Here goes...

4 jobs i've had (time at job)
English teacher (1.5 years); Preschool teacher (2 summers-6 months total); Waiter (8 months); Cashier (3 months)

4 movies i'd watch over and over
The Royal Tenenbaums; Lost in Translation; Rear Window; Casablanca; and many, many others

4 places i have lived (time at locale)
Naperville, IL (1.5 years); South Bend, IN (4 years); Fremantle, WA, Australia (5 months); Dayton, OH (18 years)

4 tv shows i love
Seinfeld; Scrubs; Arrested Development; Curb Your Enthusiasm; (#5: 24)

4 places i've been on vacation
Italy; China; Thailand; Taiwan

4 favorite foods
Pasta; Thai (anything with curry); Pizza; Chinese

4 places i'd rather be right now
Disclaimer: I really like it here; these are only places I would like to be temporarily.
Rome; South Bend; Dublin; Moscow

4 websites i visit daily

4 bloggers who are now tagged!
Tara; Bone; Danielle; Lisa

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