Friday, January 20, 2006

Three Separate Dial Modes!

I'm thinking about getting this watch just because Jack Bauer wears it in 24. I know, I know, it's $450, but think about it. On the description for this Special OPS Watch it reads, "Three separate dial modes allow the watch to be seen and read even under the most adverse conditions." What could be more adverse than teaching high school English?! I need to know that when I look down at my wrist that I will be able to tell within a second of when that bell will ring and the students move on to their next class or, god be praised, home. Did I mention that there are three separate dial modes, people? Three!

I can't WAIT until baseball starts. It's not fair for us non-basketball fans that there's such a big gap between football and baseball. Boo. And Theo Epstein has rejoined the Red Sox.

Upcoming Films that Look Interesting:
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