Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holden and Atticus

The Rose Bowl is on. I picked USC to win, but I would be thrilled if Texas could pull it out. I hate USC. The tragic part is I will probably have to go to sleep before the end of the third quarter. That's one thing about teaching--it really alters the way you live. And it's not just the sleeping (or lack thereof); it's the fact that I take my work home with me, and thus I could be doing work straight until the week after next if I wanted to. In other words, there's no point where I can say, "okay, whew, all caught up." There's ALWAYS something else I could be doing.

Cool song I just heard: "Ruby Blue" by Roisin Murphy. It's groooovy.

I can't really stress enough just how much my cats rock. They're just so friendly and caring and supportive. Their names are Holden and Atticus, if you don't know, and I've had them for two years now, ever since I adopted them from the Naperville Humane Society when I moved here from Ohio. Atticus is the energetic, fearless one. He is always waiting for me when I open the door to my apartment (he can tell when I'm coming home), and if I'm not careful he runs out into the hallway. He's also very neat. If he smells something either good or bad, he wants to bury it immediately(the bad, to get ride of it; the good, to save it for later (presumably). It's so cute--it's like a microcosm of our society, trying to hide the bad, and keep the good for himself. Holden, on the other hand, is almost the exact opposite. He hides when new people come into the apartment--he even hides from me until he knows it's me. He will come out eventually if I have visitors, and he'll be reasonably friendly if it's quiet. He's a bit more affectionate with me when I'm just sitting around--he'll lay on my lap and purr quite often.

Anyway, school's in full swing. Sleep is valuable.


Lisa said...

I love kitty cats...and Scrubs! :)

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Cats are evil. I know because I saw a scene from that Emily Rose movie and the devil sent cats.