Monday, January 30, 2006


Yesterday I had 51 unique users visit my site. And I have no idea why. It may not seem like a lot to you, but to me 51 visitors is crazy. As a matter of fact, here are 10 reasons why this is very unlikely, unusual, and even a little shocking:

1) I haven't ever had more than 39 unique visitors in any single day
2) My high over the last seven days was 30
3) I wrote about sushi and terrorism
4) I don't think I interact with 51 unique people in the course of an entire month (not counting the kiddies, of course)
5) There weren't too many people reloading my page, which causes the number to go up (I think the highest number of return visits yesterday was around 7 or so)
6) I only have eight other sites linking to mine
7) I skipped a couple days this week
8) I'm an idiot
9) I haven't been blogging for that long
10) The Captain's Blog hasn't been updated in way too long

By far, I think #8 is the most convincing reason why I shouldn't have had 51 visitors yesterday.

In other news, I bought a new vacuum. It's AWESOME. It's the Bissell CleanView(R) Bagless Revolution(R) Deluxe Upright Vacuum, Model 3596, and it even has a dirt sensor to let you know if your carpet's dirty. The color it comes in is Metallic Spice, and boy is it spicy! Also, it has a Revolution System (R), which "extends suction power for better cleaning performance". What more could you ask for? Nothing, that's what. I almost can't wait to get my apartment dirty, just so I can use it! See picture.


Lizzie said...

I was one of the 51!

Did you sort by referral? Were a lot coming from the same blog?

Liss said...

Hmmm..well I don't think you're an idiot :)

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

I can't explain it either, Brian. Boy that new vacuum must be really exciting for you. And it's only a Monday! Who knows what other excitement the week will bring!

Southie said...

Lizzie: Yeah, a few came from your site, others came from Bored Housewife, but nothing struck me as out of the ordinary.

Liss: Thanks! But maybe you should reserve judgement till you know me better... =)

Tara: Thanks for the encouragement.

Gotta go! 24 starts in TWO minutes!

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

I noticed I had over 80 unique visitors. Did any of the visitors come from my page?

I'm delaying watching 24. I am going to start it 20 minutes in so I can fast forward the commericals. Yet another reason you need tivo.