Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fantasy Baseball 2006

Let's talk about Fantasy Baseball for a second. How much am I looking forward to this? A lot. Can I wait till it starts? No.

I've played for the past four years and each year I get more into it. I just love poring over the stats and setting THE perfect lineup. I even won our league last year, based solely on my baseball know-how. Last year was the first year we did a live, online draft, and it was SO fun. If we could do a draft like that every month or so, I think my life would be a lot better.

Can you feel that the fantasy baseball industry very soon will be a major reason for MLB's popularity? I do follow a few teams (the Cubs and the Reds), but more often than not, I find myself rooting for individual players--or against individual players, if my opponent for that week has him (yes, we use the head-to-head format). What could be more addictive? Crack? Not really.

So I'm getting the league back together (I'm the commissioner), and life is full of possibility (as Meryl Streep says in The Hours). Tara is in it, so you may be getting updates from her as well, and it can get pretty hardcore at times--for teachers, the $75 entry fee is pretty hefty, as are the payouts.
So I think I'll just sit here and dream...about ERA, and BAA, and OBP, and K/9, and all the rest...
Life is good.

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