Monday, February 13, 2006

24 Recap - 2/13/06

The only thing keeping me from completely hating President Logan is that he looks almost exactly like Kevin Spacey.

I miss President Palmer.

I thought Kim would be in this episode. When she does come back, I hope that they've cloned her, and that her clone is a much better actress than she is.

Mrs. Logan is dumb. I hope she dies. But if she does die, it'll be tragic; she'll be a misunderstood martyr. She should inhale the gas from the canisters.

I miss Michelle. Now SHE was good. Man.

This was an average episode. Nothing too intense.

Bad parts: Jack wistfully watching a loosed balloon float to the ceiling of the mall. Jack miraculously saving a little girl's life with a shot of something. Mike Novak starting to be seen as a bad guy (did he kill Cummings?).

Good parts: The black guy saying, "it's about time." Remembering Michelle. The Jameson.

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Bone said...

Yeah, last night was my least favorite of the season.

Logan, ugh.

MappyB said...

That balloon moment totally cracked me up too! What on earth!

I wish the first lady would of told that lady the truth, but ah...and yeah, where is Kim.

Really, Edgar needs to be involved more.