Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I remember when cartoons were funny.

Have you noticed how all of Europe and the Middle East is in an uproar about those controversial cartoons, and the US wants nothing to do with it? Today Bush and Rice, in separate remarks, said something to the effect of "the press has freedom, but they should be sensitive to people," neither outright defending nor condemning the publication of the cartoons. Great. We know that, thank you very much, Mr. "I went to Yale". Of course, one of Rice's degrees is from Notre Dame, so maybe I should keep quiet.

Here's a picture of a shoe.

Has anyone else noticed that corn is underrated?


Josh said...

I like this blog. It is original and I like your style. Hehe, and a picture of a shoe? Love it!

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Word up, Josh! I love that shoe picture! And corn? You are so right! It is so underrated! I recently saw a list of Top 100 vegetables, and it was only #46. Peas were ranked higher! Peas!?!?! That's an outrage!