Monday, February 20, 2006

24 Recap - 2/20/06

How weird would it be to have the name Jack Bauer? Just thought of that.

Anyway, tonight's episode of 24 was much better than last week's. More shooting, intrigue, insubordination, etc. I like the idea of Mrs. Logan getting in the limo with the Russians, but having that be the cliffhanger? I don't know. I mean, we knew that would be next week's episode anyway.

Has anyone else noticed that in the editing they hurry a few seconds here and there? This is the first episode I've noticed it. Maybe I'm just being crazy-film-teacher guy.

Good parts: Seeing the pressure go down the chain of command (Logan-Lynn-Bill), Bill being held in custody as a result, Jack's phone/PDA being able to read any type of disk ever designed, the Jameson.

Bad parts: Lynn's crack-whore sister (enough already; make it a valid plot point or ditch it), Chloe and Edgar's lack of screen time (who doesn't like awkward ugly/fat people; seriously, I wish they were on more), lack of any hot female.

Predictions: Russian president narrowly misses assassination, all because of Jack; Lynn is held hostage at some point, and Bill is forced to take over; Kim and Michelle come back and start making out.

What's happening with Tony?????

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kathie said...

You're making me want to watch this show and I have no room in my viewing schedule...seen any of those movies yet???