Monday, February 27, 2006

24 Recap - 2/27/06

Just one question: why the fuck would Christopher cut the phone lines before he blew Jack up? It makes no sense. It's an obvious tip-off.

This episode had less Jack in it since I can remember. I don't like that. More Jack=better. Less Jack=worse.

Sean Astin had a great performance, as Lynn McGill is an idiot. But he's not done--remember the keycard.

I LOVED the fact that they referenced the previous seasons in this episode--Jack working in a sting operation at CTU! That hadn't been mentioned since the first season, right?

Remember that supposedly someone else in the administration knew of the terrorist plot. I can't remember where we learned this, though--couple episodes ago, I think.

Good parts: More Edgar! Whee! Curtis going all Section 112 on Lynn's ass, Jack devising a plan to avoid being blown up by a bomb, the Jameson.

Bad parts: The fucking praying--I bet that's what our president does when he faces a difficult decision, not much Jack, no Michelle.

Predictions: Jack tracks down that Christopher guy and it turns out that he never took dirty money from CTU--he was trying to be ethical, but he got burned; Lynn's keycard is used to breach CTU security, and Jack has to save everyone.


Bone said...

Loved the Curtis thing. Glad Pierce was OK.

Find Logan way too far-fetched. Really. Doing nothing as his wife rides toward her death? Not even close to believable.

Southie said...

I forgot to mention Pierce being okay. I was going to freak if he died.

BobS said...

Don't forget the preview for next week showing the always in danger Kim showing up again as well as Tony's return

Bone said...

Oh by the way, when Jack said, "How could I be so stupid?" that reminded me of something. It was so un-Jack-like. Finally, I remembered.

Fragile Frankie Merman!

He said almost the same thing to Kramer I believe. Right before he ran off into the woods.

Southie said...

My God, Bone, that's genius! How brilliant!