Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Two things that are stupid about Valentine's Day:

1. People saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to just anyone
At work today, I was bombarded by "Happy Valentine's Day"s from nearly all corners. I even had a 60+ year old man tell me to have a nice Valentine's Day. While I certainly appreciate the sentiment--that they want me to enjoy the day and not wallow in the sorry that is being single on Valentine's Day--I think that you should only say "Happy Valentine's Day" to someone you love, and hopefully romantically love. It's just confusing for me when so many different types of people are telling me to enjoy a romantic holiday, when the only love I have in my life is from two cats whose shit I clean up and my parents (not to take away from either the cats or the parents, of course).

2. The Female Emphasis
Granted, I have nothing specific to bitch about regarding this point, merely some observations. It seems to me that Valentine's Day has become (has always been?) more about the female than the male. This morning on NPR I heard that the average male spends $130 on his significant other, whereas the average female spends only half that. I know, I know, it's very easy for you girls to make pseudo-feminist jokes about that's the way it should be and we deserve it and all that, but seriously, if this is supposed to be a day celebrating the relationship between two people, it should be a day celebrating the relationship between two equal people.

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Dirk the Feeble said...

Well, in reference to #1, at least you aren't cleaning up your parents' shit (yet).

In reference to #2, I spent $161.88 on my "significant other" and she bought some sexy lingerie and wore it for me and that was "my" present. What a rip-off - I wanted a Playstation!

Lisa said...

Hmm...some thoughts on #2...I think it depends on the people in the relationship. It is hard to think of the right gift for a guy, without it being GAY--flowers, chocolates?? So then you start to think outside the box, and it becomes painfully obvious that you're just buying something for the sake of buying something. It's supposed to be a romance-centered holiday, not just a "buy each other a present" holiday--that's what anniversaries and birthdays are for. So, we get stuck trying to think of sexy things to do, and y'all get stuck trying to think of romantic things to do and it's easy to see how it gets stale. However, in a well-balanced, communicative relationship, those sorts of things aren't much of an issue. I'm low maintenance and eager to please. The women giving this day a bad name are neither of those. :)

End rant.

Oh So Wonderful said...

Um, I'm a female and I spent zilch, nada, nothing for Valentine's Day. And I do have a boyfriend. How much did he spend on me? Not a penny. See how easy love is? It's simple! Did we complain? Not once.

kathie said...

Don't fret about VD. My husband and I celebrated it once. But with silky red boxers for him and I don't even remember what for me, we nixed the whole thing. Thirteen years later, there's no VD for us and we love it. Don't date anyone who gives a shit about it...oh, sorry. Like I'm some prize. Don't fret's all I'm saying.