Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Damn you, Weather!

This may sound weird to the non-Midwesterners (hell, it might sound weird to some Midwesterners), but I hate the weather right now. In particular, I hate the fact that it's over 50 degrees in mid-February. In February, it's SUPPOSED to be 30 or below. That's just the way it's supposed to be. Anything else is unnatural. Don't get me wrong; I like warm weather in May and June just as much as the next guy. Spring rocks. But it's not Spring--it's still Winter, and in Winter it's supposed to be cold and there's supposed to be snow. But no, there are golfers outside my apartment, and I swear I saw someone with an inflatable duck-shaped life preserver on the way home from work.

I won't go into global warming or Bush destroying the environment or anything like that in this post--we'll just keep it nice and tidy with the fact that things are all messed up here. If this keeps up, I'll start to feel like Spring really IS here, then I'll be excited, then Winter will come back, then I'll be sad. I'm bipolar enough as it is; I don't need the weather to help.


ndheathen said...

I hear you Southie. It's been too warm in New England too. I'm afraid the 2 feet of snow we just got is going to be gone in a week because it's supposed to be over 40 for like the next 5 days and we're supposed to get rain.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

thanks for the plug.

Southie said...

Even though I called you unnatural? =)