Friday, February 03, 2006

To Buy or Not To Buy

At work today Gino spent almost all of 3rd period trying to convince me that I need to buy a condo instead of rent. Conceptually, I completely agree with him: it's much, much better to invest money in something that you can get money back out of instead of "throwing money away" on an apartment. Of course; this makes sense. My problem is that I was planning on waiting until after my Master's degree to buy a place (Master's completion=15 months from June), so that I would have more money and get a better rate. Gino's argument is that the cost of housing around here will just keep going up, so by the time I'm done with the Master's, things will be much more expensive anyway (and he has a point). He suggests that instead of buying a townhome after the Master's as I planned, I buy a condo now. Then, later, I can buy a bigger place. And, once again, I want to, I just don't know if I can work it out. It's very frustrating. Can someone give me a no-interest $100k loan? C'mon--you know you love reading my blog.

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