Monday, February 27, 2006

Landlord Love

I'm currently crashing at four different sites through Blog Explosion, and I want to give a little shout out to my esteemed landlords. Check out these sites (I wouldn't be renting there if I didn't think each rocked the house):

1) Haunted House Dressing A very cool writer's blog.

2) Green A blog all the way from England. ENGLAND, people!

3) In part of this guy's About Me section, he says: "I'm taller than you (6'6"... so unless you're a freak, that is)." Awesome.

4) Recommended This is a site devoted to sharing with you cool stuff the blogger has found whilst surfing the ole 'net. The latest one is something called Couch Surfing (I SO do this).

You have visited my own renter, haven't you, faithful Vandelay Industries fans? If not, you simply must. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and click on the thumbnail to the right.


-t- said...

Hey Southie,
wow, you're the first blogger who introduces their rented blogs. That's very cool, I have to do that too. And thanks for renting a spot at Recommended! :)
If you want to surf a couch in Germany's capital, sign up with CouchSurfing, you might find me there. ;)

Pat M said...

Thanks for renting my spot and thanks for the shout out. Great site.