Saturday, December 24, 2005

Season 5

Sweet Fancy Moses!

I just saw the extended TV spot for Season 5 of 24. Good lord. I was toying with the idea of waiting until it comes out on DVD so that I can watch the whole thing at once--but now that's not an option.

We're going to have a Season 5 kickoff party on Sunday, January 15th for the two-hour season premier. It's going to rock.

I also heard that Kim Bauer will be back for this season, and I have mixed feelings about this. Sure, she's a smokin hottie, but she can't act worth shit, and past Season 1, she hasn't really done anything worth anything plotwise. But let's see.

I'm going to miss Tony Almeda. I wonder if he's in Season 5. I like him. And Michelle Dessler is absolutely beautiful.

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Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Michelle looks so 80s in this picture. Automatic 5 pt. deduction for the curly tendrils framing her face. And how many lines of coke did Elisha Cuthbert snort prior to this party?

And you still haven't told me if you are coming to my NYE party. You have to go. You and Dana!!! You won't be able to convince me that you have something better to do. I know you both too well to buy that excuse.

Thanks for the compliment on my blog. Yours is prettier. How did you do those frames? It's a little gawdy, but I might play with that option.