Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back in the 'ville

Drove back to Illinois today, and I noticed a billboard while driving in Indiana. Here's what it said:

"September 17th, 2005: 1st Annual Take a Kid Hunting Day"

After a little "hunting" online, I came up with this link, which details the program that took place in Indiana. And I think we've finally come to it. The best idea in the history of ideas. "Take a Kid Hunting Day."

Why This is a Bad Idea
1. Let's just start our citizens off in life shooting things. They should get used to the feel of a gun in their hands.

2. Notice that it doesn't say "son"; it says "kid". Find a kid on the street, teach him how to shoot defenseless animals. Better yet, get a homeless "kid" and give him a gun. He's got a better chance with it.

3. By putting up these billboards near major interstate highways, Indiana is publicizing just how backwoods-stupid and morally ambiguous it is to the rest of the country. Trust me, I went to college there.

Moving on, I hate driving. It's boring, and I'm afraid I'll kill someone (read:me). So for the five hour drive I have to carefully pick my music selections. Here's what I listened to on this trip.

To Dayton
1. NPR (until out of range)
2. Led Zeppelin Box Set CD #4
3. Led Zeppelin Box Set CD #3
4. Led Zeppelin Box Set CD #2

Why so much Led Zeppelin, you ask? Well, I haven't listened to them in a while, and they're so grooooovy!

To Naperville
1. The Carpenters: Greatest Hits
2. Little Shop of Horrors (the musical soundtrack)
3. Les Miserables (2 CDs; the musical soundtrack)
4. NPR

Yeah, I know, I like musicals. Sorry. And that Karen Carpenter has a great voice. Don't yell at me.

I can't wait to see Munich. It's got it all: hype, controversy, Spielberg, terrorism, Geoffrey Rush playing a character named "Ephraim", etc.


Sue Ellen Mischke said...

The Carpenters, Brian? That might be the worst thing I've EVER heard. Ever. The Led Zeppelin-a-thon doesn't even make up for even one Carpenters song.

Nevertheless, you do have really good ideas for post topics. I always write about useless stuff. It's getting embarassing. I wrote about more useless stuff tonight. Feel free not to read it.

If you don't come to my NYE party, we aren't friends anymore. We didn't hang out once over winter break, and you have to make it up to me by coming to my party. There's no other way to save our friendship.

Southie said...

Thanks, Tara. I was joking about the Carpenters...I meant...the Harping...ers... Their Greatest Hits CD shouldn't be overlooked. They're really good at...harping.

As for not hanging out over break, I've been in Illinois for a total of 3 days (including the first weekend)!

How many single ladies did you say would be at your party?

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Well, I know for sure Sarah will be there. And me, but I don't really count because i'm not really single, just not married. And our friend Amy might be there. She's cute and fun, but it's not for sure that she'll be there. I don't know who else yet. Michael will be there. He kinda counts as a single lady.

That captain button didn't work.

Bone said...

Saw the previews for Munich a couple of weeks ago. Definitely want to see it.

Just remember if you go to the party to have a signal where you can get out of a bad conversation. Head patting is good. Or chicken wing.