Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How do YOU relax?

Finished season 4 of 24. In 5 days. Sweet fancy Moses! We're SERIOUSLY talking about having a Season 5 Kickoff Party on January 15th--it's a Sunday, but we don't have school the following Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. God bless that man. And God bless Jack Bauer (for a straight man, I'm really starting to become obsessed with him; no comments, Tara). If you're interested in coming to our Kickoff Party, let me know.

I wore an Ohio State shirt to school today and everyone was shocked. Yes, people, I like Ohio State AND Notre Dame! I grew up in Ohio, for chrissake! I could never root against EITHER team; that's why January 2nd will be so difficult for me.

Dana apparently has a date. So he rebounds after about two months, and it's taking me about two years. Yeah, that's healthy. Good job, Southie.

How do teachers meet new people who aren't teachers or under the age of 19? Is that why we get paid so little: we don't have any sort of social life on which to spend our money? Seriously, if someone could help me with this, I'd really appreciate it. Seriously.

Figured out my camcorder. It rocks.

Coldplay is so good.

Question of the Post
What do you do to relax? (Please answer this honestly.)


dani said...

well, it kinda depends on what has stressed me out, but a few things that always help: cooking (esp. something involving lots of chopping), hugging a puppy, or sleeping. i also often enjoy sitting. not doing anything (like watching a movie) mind you, just sitting.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

I think you know my answer to this question, Brian. Other than THAT though, shopping is the ultimate stress reliever for me. Nothing calms me down like a new pair of overpriced designer denim or shoes. Writing works, too. Oh, and Dr. Yapper keeps trying to get me to meditate, which when I can tear myself away from, also works quite well.