Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Link for the Rest of Us

In the course of my scouring of the blogosphere, happened upon this link, which could benefit us all.

Donations are gladly accepted.


Sue Ellen Mischke said...

You are right about Michael's exploits and the potential entertainment value of them. Remind me to tell you about his new BF when we speak. I don't want to... well, we'll just leave it at that; we have to actually speak about it.
I'm glad you liked foremothers. It took me a while to decide if I should use it. You know, I bet some people just POST stuff- just write a bunch of words and hit 'publish." I wish I could do that. I've always been this way; I agonize over every word, every comma, period, question mark and exclamation point- although I never ever use those. You'd think after all that agony that I might be able to post something worthwhile, but you'd be wrong.
Glad you are relaxing in Dayton. Dr. Y is right about you. I hope you are enjoying him.
The Seinfeld was on where Elaine found the mannequin that looked just like her. What a great epidose. I am saving it for sure.

Bone said...

I created my own pole. For about $15. Saving me about $25 off the Festivus Pole website.

After all, remember Festivus is anti-commercialization.

Nice blog. Also enjoyed your grievance list above. Always good to find a fellow Seinfeld devotee.