Sunday, December 25, 2005

Link Post - Christmas Edition

In the past month or so, while trying desperately not to do anything productive, I've stumbled on a number of worthwhile sites. This post is to highlight the "Best of the Year" even though the year technically has a couple more days left. Keep in mind that the list is limited only to sites I've found in the last month of web travels. I'm even going to try to rank them, just for fun.

Top 10 websites I've found in the past month or so

This site lets me compulsively check who, how many, where from, and when people visit my sites. It's terrible if you have OCD.

9. The Webpage of Paul Madrid
This is the personal website of Paul Madrid. It's part blog, part links, part random. Nice.

This site has my pictures on it. And it lets me make that cool Flickr Badge in the sidebar.

7. The Criterion Collection
This site has good movies. Remember good movies? I do.

6. Postsecret
This site is unique. And cooool!

5. Bored Housewife
This is a funny housewife from Utah named Lisa. Her site is unconventional (and occasionally raunchy).

4. There is a calm I haven't come to yet...
This is Danielle's blog. I like Danielle.

This is an AWESOME site for anyone who likes things.

2. I've Made a Huge Mistake
This is Tara's blog. For as much shit as I give her daily, she's putting together a nice little blog (though I'm the one who got her started blogging in the first place (and now she gets more visitors than I do because she's a woman)).

1. The Complimenting Commenter
This is just a guy who goes around complimenting people. What could be better than that?!? Nothing, that's what.

Sites that ROCK, but I couldn't include because they're mine
The Many and Varied Adventures of The Captain
The Pie Championship Series

Other sites that I will be checking out more in depth (in no particular order) (Zach's official site - under construction)

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Paul said...

My poor unfinished site is number 8??? Sweet.