Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some Random Questions from Southie

Why do we work five days a week? In Norway they only work four (or so I hear).

Seriously: what's the big draw of reality television?

Why do girls now wear those sweaters that only go halfway down to the waist? They look dumb.

Why don't more people drink martinis? They're so good.

What makes people with hair more attractive than those without?

How is it possible that people like the Yankees outside of New York? I mean, it's like a whole team on steroids.

Why do we have to pay for water?

Any and all answers appreciated.


Lizzie said...

Hey now, watch what you say about the Yanks. I'm neither from New York nor live there anymore and I love them (clearly). Steroids aren't anymore prevalent among the Yankees than any other team in baseball. It's only Sheff and Giambi (only the former is actually consistently any good) and they were both man enough to come clean. More than I can say for players on other teams. All of baseball is tainted (don't even get me started on the players union and how they brought this all on themselves), the Yankees no more or no less than any other team.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

Five days- Don't we have a binge drinking problem as it is? Imagine a whole third day to drink.

Short sweaters- I have no idea why girls wear those sweaters. What I really don't know is why a fat girl with a spare tire would wear those sweaters. It only makes the spare tire look. .. well, like a full size tire.

Martinis- I don't know about other people, but they make me vomit.

Hair- long flowing locks are very important to lots of people.

Yankees- Apparently, people outside of NYC do like the Yanks. Talk about the easy way out.

Water- Because we're running out.

Lizzie said...

Tara- easy way out??!! You think it's been easy to watch a $200 mil team NOT win the world series over the past few years? puh-leez. You people are going to give me a hernia.

Heather B. said...

Lookie here, Lizzie spewing Yankee propaganda all over cyberspace!

RE short sweaters. One male friend told a female friend that it looked like she got mauled by a bear on her way in, because half of her sweater was missing.

ndheathen said...

Martinis tend to be expensive, which is probably why more people don't drink them. Either that, or you need to start hanging out with people who have a lot more money.

kathie said...

Work Five days a week? Please, I have kids, I work 24/7...

Reality TV=trainwreck.

Girls with half sweater? Fashion's little prank...less material for more money. See how many dumb broads will partake.

More martiinis? don't know why not. I don't have ALL the answers, my friend.

Hair helping attractiveness? It allows one to change the perception of their face shape to the heavily coveted oval face shape...WTF?

Yankee Fans ouside of NY= people without roots.

Water $? We pay to have the sewage removed from it. i think.

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

The past FEW years.



I don't care how big that payroll is a FEW years cannot compare to the generations of Cubs fans who have not seen a championship. Am I seriously having to prove that being a Cubs fan is more painful that being a Yankees fan? I mean, the only teams that ever had a case were the Sox- red and white- and that case has been dismissed. You don't know what it's like. You can't.

Mac said...

work week- apparently norweigans need another day to commit suicide.
yankees- the team for people who hate baseball.

Liz said...

We work 5 days a week in Norway too. Still got time to commit suicide though. Hard working people you see.