Monday, April 17, 2006

24 Recap - 4/17/06

Not a bad episode, I suppose, complete with a little Chloe/Mission Impossible stuff.

I REALLY wanted those shots Henderson fired to have hit Audrey. It would have been great.

What happened with Aaron Pierce's phone?

I hope Mike Novick never dies. He'll probably die next week, though.

Totally say Heller not accepting Jack's plan to make the recording public.

Can someone explain to me why no one made a recording of the recording, at least on their cell phone? You know, all cell phones have a voice memo feature. Crap.

Good parts: Audrey Raines bleeding (it was horrific, and got my hopes up), Chloe being sneaky and deceptive, no Curtis (!!!), Bill Buchanan helping out after leaving CTU--a la Tony (I miss Tony!), The Jack.

Bad parts: Audrey not dying, I have no interest in what's going on at CTU, 24 starting when it's light out (what the hell?!), no Michelle.

Predictions: Chloe and Bill help Jack to apprehend Henderson, Jack has to leave Audrey and she loses a lot of blood but doesn't pass out, Logan goes on the run.


Anonymous said...

If Aaron's dead, I'm out!

Bone said...

I second that.

I assume we are being lead to think Pierce showed up, someone jacked him with a sock full of pennies, and he dropped his phone as they drug his unconscious body to a nearby grove of trees. But I could be wrong.

Thought tonight and last week's eps were both really good. Although I didn't buy Audrey's father leaving her behind. He's so worried about her, yet he's gonna leave her in a hangar with Jack, knowing people are looking to kill Jack? Don't think so.

Liked Buchanan coming back as well.

Heather B. said...

Apparently something bad is supposed to happen to Audrey because the actress that plays her is currently taping a t.v. pilot. Though hopefully not next week, because last night I was freaking out.

Howard Davis said...

Screw Heller and his lame daughter Audrey. They both suck.

I mean, if a President of the US is going to give nerve gas to terrorists, why would you think you could make a deal with him? And that he'd honor it? Heller is a dope.

dani said...

southie?? where are you?? no 24 recap from last night leaves me feeling lost. i don't know what to do!!!

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

GOD! Where are you Southie?