Monday, April 10, 2006

24 Recap - 4/10/06

Okay, some answers. And on the whole, I suppose I'll go along with them. I do think that Logan couldn't have gone through what he did earlier in the season knowing that he caused it all, though. He's too weak.

I hate Audrey.

On the whole, this was actually a pretty decent episode. I like the bank situation. And this quote was classic:
Jack: "How is he?"
Wayne: "He's dead."

There are too many musical themes and genres thrown together now. At one point we almost had a Kubrikian/The Shining thing going on with the synth. And then of course Mrs. Logan's psycho theme was reprised. And this weird helicopter-like sound when they were in the bank. Whatever.

Good parts: Evelyn's daughter with bloody hands (can you say Macbeth?), Chloe being cool, the Glenfiddich.

Bad parts: Stupid Homeland Security people, Henderson always driving somewhere but getting nowhere, no attractive females.

Predictions: Henderson tries to stop Jack from meeting with the Secretary of Defense and there is a firefight. Jack miraculously saves the day. I win Week 2 of my fantasy league.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Jack just send the recording to his Trio and then send it to the media? police? to anyone - just in case?

Howard Davis said...

I think Logan set this up so that he could stop it and get credit for stopping a terrorist attack. He is being challenged by the VP, and he wasn't elected in the first place.

I think he just wanted that PR boost to help in the election, but bringing Henderson into the picture made it spiral out of control.

Just a theory.

dani said...

why do you hate audrey?