Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Tranquil English Teacher

I realize that you're probably not an English teacher. I realize that you probably have no interest in knowing what issues English teachers have to deal with. This post is not for you.

I'm starting a blog called The Tranquil English Teacher. It's intended to track my life-and-death struggle with grading essays, with imparting my boundless wisdom unto my students, and with hanging on to the last shred of sanity that belongs to me. Eventually, I hope it to be a resource, not just for other teachers out there who are struggling with the same issues, but for my future self. Teaching, you see, is not a profession where you learn effective pedagogical strategies; teaching is a profession where you relearn effective pedagogaical strategies--over and over again.

So if any of this interests you, even if you aren't an English teacher, feel free to head on over. It's still a work in progress (much like Vandelay Industries), but it's a site for which I have high hopes.

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